Welcome back to #ericmonthlywriting on Twitter and #ericmonthlywriting on LinkedIn, thanks to a friend (Kelly Peng), I have resumed my writing, and I hope we can encourage each other to continue this good habit and promote it to more people. But this time, I would like to find out why I should write and what I will write.

one second every day
one photo every day till married

I am not an artist and I don’t enjoy taking photos/pictures a lot. But the idea of recording down your life is something that I want to do. …

Welcome back to #ericmonthlywriting on Twitter and #ericmonthlywriting on LinkedIn. Believe it or not, a lot of things become shining stars when they are not used as they are designed to be. Today let’s discuss how to use JIRA in an “unexpected” way.

Recently I have taken a Personal Energy Management course taught by our foremost coach — Priya, during the course, we watched the “Try something new for 30 days” TED video from Matt Cutts.

TED: Try something new for 30 days

Even though it’s not the main goal of today’s article, I would like to invite you to…

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Welcome back to #ericmonthlywriting on Twitter and #ericmonthlywriting on LinkedIn, 2020 Apr is a pretty busy month for me, therefore instead of new KBP series, I would like to pick an interesting problem I have met during work this month.

Let’s watch Game of Thrones

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To continue #ericmonthlywriting on Twitter and #ericmonthlywriting on LinkedIn, I am starting a series of articles with code samples to share and discuss how we can make reusable project starters for you/your team.


PS: KBP — Kirby Best Practice

Why Project Starter

As a programmer, we are always asked to DRY, therefore the very first step of a project, we must make sure it’s reusable.

$ django-admin startproject mysite

$ rails new blog

If you started programming in the wave of Django/Ruby on Rails, scaffolding like the above is not new to you. Not mentioning about yoman which leads this approach…

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To continue #ericmonthlywriting on Twitter and #ericmonthlywriting on LinkedIn, I would extend last month’s technical tips and provide my review on the JVM languages.

2020’s beginning is not pleasant, considering COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS DISEASE 2019)’s spreading around the world, it will be a tough year ahead. Personally I have experienced the Wuhan lockdown event, boarded the evacuated flight from Wuhan to Singapore, and served the 14 days Quarantine Order (QO).

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To continue #ericmonthlywriting on Twitter and #ericmonthlywriting on LinkedIn, I would like to talk about some technical tips. I use them as a rule of thumb when I try to evaluate the technology/framework in my daily work. The tips are based on my experience only, therefore you should use them with care.

2020 is a new year, let’s try something new this month. We will be using Chinese poetry to link up the article. The poetry describes a character in The Legend Of Sword And Fairy, called 酒剑仙 (Wine Sword Fairy).

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To continue #ericmonthlywriting on Twitter and #ericmonthlywriting on LinkedIn, I would like to write about DevOps this month.

Before we start, let’s pick the game of the month to start our journey. The winner goes to Saiyuuki World 2: Tenjoukai no Majin.

importance of documentation
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moai world is a playground for me to demo what I have learned in my daily life (e.g. programming languages, best practices on software project). If you like this story, you may also check my other story on Java concurrency.

In this story, I will share with you some tips I have found useful to crack a consulting software project.

My professional experience started as a full-stack engineer, along the way, I found out my definition of a successful software project should focus more on choosing the right tool to help the clients solve their problems, therefore my following career…

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Life is full of surprises and challenges, therefore a lot of time you will meet anxiety. In this writing, I will share with you 5 ways to deal with anxiety. The content is adapted from an expert class with my personal flavor. If you like this style, you can try to read the article on How to transit into an awesome team leader from a developer?

Before we start, we should understand what’s anxiety. Feel free to look it up in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anxiety. But I will follow the example from the class to show you the definition. Image the situation below:

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I am reading Seven Concurrency Models in Seven Weeks: When Threads Unravel (The Pragmatic Programmers) recently. Reading without coding is a bit boring, therefore I created a playground called moai world to demo what I have learned from the book. If you are following my Github repositories, you will notice most of my repositories are modeled based on an interesting subject (e.g. moai-world models game Moai Kun, dr-spring models game Dr. Mario, gitlab-haile models a famous Marathon runner).

In chapter 2 (Threads and Locks) of the book, the author introduced the basic knowledge on the thread and lock in Java…

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